Best Free MT4 Custom Indicators

Custom indicators are programs developed in MetaQuotes Language by MetaTrader 4 users. Purpose for most custom indicators  is to function as a technical indicators to help forecast future price changes. The use of indicators allows to answer the question about whether the current trend will remain the same and where it will turn. Indicators are intended for relative simplifying of the complicated process of trading decision making. Algorithms of indicators are also used for development of trading tactics and expert advisors. Custom Indicator installation and setup is simple process described in detail on MT4 Tutorial Chart page. Below You can find the best free MT4 Custom Indicators commonly used by forex traders.

  • Position Size Calculator
    Position Size Calculator for MetaTrader 4 is a custom indicator designed to help forex traders with position size calculations. Position Size Calculator indicator is an […]
  • MT4 Scalping Indicator
    MT4 Scalping Indicator for MetaTrader 4 is a custom indicator well known across scalping traders. Indicator signal shift in trend displaying coloured bars on additional […]
  • Trend Indicator LTFN
    Trend Indicator LTFN indicator for MT4 is easy to use popular forex trading indicator. Trend Indicator LTFN Indicator help with identifying trend on every time […]
  • Support and Resistance Power
    Support and Resistance Power indicator for MT4 is a very useful forex trading indicator. Support and Resistance Power Indicator display dotted lines on key support […]
  • Multimeter Indicator
    The Multimeter indicator for MT4 is another very popular forex trading indicator. Multimeter Indicator display signals as colour blocks in right corner of a chart. […]
  • Arrows Indicator
    The Arrows indicator for MT4 is an easy to use and very popular forex trading indicator. Arrows Indicator generates arrows as signals on all time […]

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